Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital of the country. It is also is synonymous with Bollywood, India’s largest film industry and one of the biggest movie machines on earth. Often referred to as ‘mayanagari ‘(city of dreams) it is a melting pot of many communities and cultures making it truly, the most cosmopolitan city in India.

Imagine tropical sunshine, swaying palm trees, lapping waves contrasted with an architectural legacy spanning two millennia. From the meditation caves of the 1st century BC, through 5th-century Hindu temples and the imperialist fantasies of the Raj, to a distinctive ensemble of Victorian and Art Deco (largest collection of Art Deco buildings outside of the United States) buildings to the futuristic glass towers soaring skywards above the streets of Mumbai. That is Mumbai for you.

If you have a good appetite and would love to try different types of food then Mumbai is the place for you. Whether it is local cuisine or global, high end eatery or something affordable you will find something to suit your taste and pocket. Talking of food, one cannot miss out on its legendary street food which was born out of necessity for the mill workers of Mumbai which has a lot of variety from ‘chaat’ to ‘bhelpuri’ to the famous ‘vada-pav’ or the Indian veg burger.

After work social life in Mumbai can compete with world’s biggest and best party capitals. Based on your choice of music, taste and pocket you have everything from low-cost drinking holes and dimly-lit lounges, to exclusive dance clubs and elegant bars. In short something for everyone.