Msg from Chairman Scientific Committee

Dear friends,

India is one of the fastest growing markets for hair loss treatments and Hair Transplant. We have the huge responsibility of restoring the self-esteem and happiness of people with hair loss. In this endeavor, we need scientific knowledge, technical skill, and creativity. Besides marketing ability, of course. As Chairman of the Scientific Committee, it will be my responsibility and commitment to see that this conference is loaded with content, which will sharpen your skills. We always have the challenge of achieving maximum coverage and density with minimum available grafts. Hair restoration is also required for trauma, burns, cleft lip, scarring alopecias and acid attack victims. We will all be coming together with one common intention, to deliver the best care, create happy patients and ensure consistent results by eliminating the negatives. In the background of a dramatic change in the clinical presentation of hair loss, I believe various deleterious environmental, lifestyle and dietary factors are creating to a dysfunctional internal cellular environment leading to hair loss. I look forward to a fruitful discussion on how nutrients are the best way to counter these effects and achieve consistent hair growth. HAIRCON 2020 is arranged with the vision of Dr. Sandeep Sattur to give you take home conclusive messages on all your dilemmas and concerns.

We have excellent scientific studies from our own national faculty along with well selected, invited, international faculty eager and willing to share their pearls of wisdom. I invite you to attend in large numbers and reap the benefits. Come ready with your questions and counter questions, we will try to deliver the best possible solutions, to your satisfaction.

Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput
Chairman, Scientific Committee, HAIRCON 2020